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TSF 9: Zoe Collins – Creative Director of Jamie Oliver LTD

Zoe Collins is Creative Director of Jamie Oliver LTD. She oversees all of Fresh One Productions output and also runs Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Network, Europe’s largest food based Multi Channel Network.

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Who inspires you and why?
Currently I am working with some exciting tech developers from Finland, they are young and vibrant and constantly sucking up knowledge. I love it that they live their values in everything they do and am excited by the opportunities lying ahead of them. I find them very inspiring. Check out the app they created - YOU-app.com

What’s the biggest challenge your industry faces?
Engaging with the next generation and creating value from the exchange.

What are your staple wardrobe brands?
Gap (jeans), All Saints (tops), M&S (knitwear) & Jaeger (coats)

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party (dead or alive)? 
The cast from 8 out of 10 Cats

What’s your cheapest and simplest beauty tip? 
Get a dog

How did you achieve your current role? 
Radio producer – TV producer – creating Fresh One with Jamie and then delivering half decent work for long enough

What would you have told yourself five years ago? 
Stop believing everyone else knows better, frankly no one knows anything

Favourite shops? 
I love a french E.Leclerc supermarket

Best meal? 
Anything cooked by Richard Corrigan

Has anyone left you star struck? 
Loads of people, all the time! I met Charlie Dark today from Run Dem Crew and was completely star struck.

 Make up your ultimate ‘super band’…
Oh god, this is unbearable…Norman Cook (bass), Frank Turner (words), Jeff Buckley (vocals), Danny Goffey (drums), I wouldn’t worry about a lead guitar but I’d want Aretha Franklin to guest occasionally. Ha ha – this sounds awful.

What’s your daily uniform? 
Skinny jeans, dark t-shirt or shirt, cashmere jumper

 What are you most proud of? 
My sons, but Jamie’s Kitchen is the TV show I am most proud of, it was life changing for a lot of people including Jamie and myself.

 Music I’m listening to? 
My husband and I are on an 80s revival tip at the moment after buying ‘100 Greatest Movie Tracks’ whilst on holiday; Berlin, Irene Cara, Huey Lewis and the News – irritates the hell out of the kids.

 What would you delete from your CV?
Researcher for Rent Free a gameshow in which students won their rent for a year, that was made for the launch of BBC3

Most treasured item/belonging?
My VW T25 Campervan

The book you have most enjoyed reading?
Recently enjoyed Funny Girl by Nick Hornby, I don’t read every often

What qualifications do you need in your industry?
None really, previous experience holds much more weight

Best way to wind down?
Sierra Nevada beer or Brooklyn lager

Happy place?
A hill on a cold but sunny day.

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
Alex Batho – Editor of Time Out, she’s wicked.

What should people look out for?
Check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube for loads of brilliant cooks, chefs & food fans.