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Sophie Prescott a.k.a DiY Blonde is a Craft and Interiors Vlogger and Presenter. She has recently featured as a special guest on ITV’s This Morning.
What is your motto?
Follow your Bliss…..

What is the quality you most like in a person?
Someone who is nice, honest and open – this is so important to me.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
I use the word ‘so’ way too much! I move conversations on with it and it has become a really bad habit of mine. I also like the word ‘random’, that’s up there too!

What or who is the greatest love of your life?
My husband Peter – He is a great inspiration to me and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Also another great love of mine is being creative and my career. I always work 110% on everything I do, knowing that when you look back, you always did the best you could.

When are you happiest?
I am happiest when my work and my personal life are in sync. I love feeling fulfilled and knowing that I am making a positive impact on the people around me. Also I am a keen traveler – so give me a backpack, a beach and some flip-flops any day!

Which talent would you most like to have?
To be able to whistle, yes I just can’t do it!

Career Plan B?
This is totally weird, but if I had to choose another line of work, I would be a puppeteer. I love puppetry – it’s fun, clever and good for you physically. As a child I was bewitched by The Muppets and have total respect for how difficult the job is and the magic that you can create with puppets. Another Career Plan B would be (even though I already edit my online tutorials and work as a Videographer) to become a full video or film editor, because I love it.

What is your biggest bugbear? 
People being fake!! I hate it and it’s just not necessary. Plus I do not like people being unprofessional and disorganised.

As a child what did you want to be?
I used to be a professional dancer and performer, so I suppose it was that really. I trained six days a week and took part in competitions on the holidays etc, so I was pretty dedicated to that as my future career. I knew I wanted to do something creative and media based.

 What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? 
Apparently according to my husband, the most romantic thing I have ever done for him, was when I made him an poached egg in the shape of a heart – he is so easily pleased!! But most romantic thing I have been involved in is when I got proposed to, on stage, at a music festival in front of 500 people – it was a pretty special moment. Thank god I said yes hey!

What advice would you give your teenage self?
Be more confident and believe in yourself, plus take a positive thing from every situation.

Essential gadget?
Would have to be my phone I suppose, it keeps me connected to the world and keeps me in contact with loved ones.

Are you a cat or dog fan?
CAT!!!!! I’m a massive cat fan! We love our little baby Marty (named after Marty Mcfly). He had a brother named Biff, but sadly we lost him to a road accident, so sad. But we hope to have more fur babies soon.

What is your life philosophy?
Ask, Believe, Receive – simple as that!

What is the worst job you have ever done?
I see all my past jobs as learning curves, but I have cleaned toilets for a while, which wasn’t the most glamorous. Plus I used to be a runner in TV, which was so incredibly tiring, but rewarding at the same time…..most of the time.

What decade would you time travel to and why?
I would love to go back to the swigging 60’s and get involved in a peace rally or something like that – I always have been a hippie at heart.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Embarrassingly I think it was Barbie Girl by Aqua – eek!

What do you like spending your money on?
Home interiors, shoes and faux fur colourful coats are my downfall, but I also spend a lot of money on craft accessories and camera equipment for work.

Who is your style icon?
I really like to take snippets from all different people, depending on how I am feeling really. I have got into 90’s fashion recently and really like the style of people like Ella Eyre, Jess Glynne and Anne Marie. These ladies mix a style of vintage with modern, which I totally love.

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
My beautiful friend Tiny Twisst (Laura Potter) – Laura is a Beauty and Fashion Blogger. She is a great example of someone who is great role model and her style is always on point.
Also my other stunning friend Scarlett Douglas, Scarlett is the new Place in the Sun presenter. She has been working so hard the last couple of years to make it as a presenter and recently she has had her big break. This lady is talented, lovely and gorgeous – what’s not to like hey. 

What should people look out for? 
I am currently appearing on This Morning, covering different craft and making segments, the ones I have done so far can be seen here. Hopefully this will continue, as I am really enjoying the experience. Also recently I was shortlisted as a finalist for a UK Blog award, the awards evening is on April 29th – so big fingers crossed for that. Each week, I continue to upload video tutorials to my YouTube channel and we are currently developing some show formats for Television based on the DiY Blonde brand, so watch this space. Plus, I am always on the look out to work with brands, so if you are interested, definitely get in touch.