Edith Bowman

TSF 4: Edith Bowman – Radio DJ & Broadcaster

Edith Bowman is a radio DJ. She is synonymous for formerly hosting the weekday afternoon show and the weekend morning on BBC Radio 1, as well as for presenting a variety of music related television shows, music festivals and writing  a book.


Who inspires you and why?
Goodness, I’m inspired daily. My mum always, my dad for putting up with us.  My brother for being a brilliant dad.  I could go on for days really. 

What’s the biggest challenge your industry faces?
I think that one of the biggest challenges that faces our industry is to maintain integrity and although it’s important to move with the times I feel that holding onto creative intelligence is a must.  Also to continue to promote equal opportunities for both men and women, to strive to offer the same opportunities in all fields for all. 

What are your staple wardrobe brands?
I love a Zara sweep, they always have a fantastic collection of basics for your wardrobe.  M&S will, if you haven’t already nipped in to sample, have really raised their game.  I love a Bionda Castana shoe, A nice JCrew lumberjack shirt, Charlie Brear has the most wonderful collections and I’m a huge fan of Isabel Marant and Vilshenko. 

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party (dead or alive)?
I’d have an open house.  the more the merrier. 

What’s your cheapest and simplest beauty tip?
Dont think that buying the most expensive products give you the best results.  It’s about finding what suits you i think.  I use Aveeno face moisturiser as I have really sensitive red skin, prone to blotches and it’s the only thing that really works. 

How did you achieve your current role?
Hard work.

What would you have told yourself five years ago?
You’re doing a great job.  I don’t think it’s healthy to look back, it’s about looking forward and learning from mistakes, they make you a stronger and better person. 

Favourite shops?
Ginger & White for coffee.  My local shops in Hampstead are really good, I love nipping into Maje or Claudie Pierlot.  I like keeping it local.  My local butchers on Englands lane do the best meat for everything really and the little fruit and veg dude by Hampstead Heath overground is where we get all our stuff.   One thing I don’t like is the attitude you get when you go into designer shops, they really need to chill out and be a bit warmer and friendlier

Best meal?
Apart from what I cook at home, either Odette’s in Primrose Hill or Roka, solid every time. 

Has anyone left you star struck?
I always get star struck.  I walked past Emilia Clark the other day (I’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan) and I nearly fell off the pavement.  

Make up your ultimate ‘super band’…
My husband on vocals, Andy Burrows on drums, Chris Martin on vocals and piano, Este Haim on bass and Jimmy Smith from Foals on Guitar. 

What’s your daily uniform?
Denim and stripes and converse most days

What are you most proud of?
My kids.  they are amazing.

Music I’m listening to?
New Editors album, Maccabees, The Weekend, Natasha Khan’s new project Sex Witch and Chvrches. 

Most treasured item/belonging?
My camera.  My husband bought me an early xmas present of a little point and shoot Hasselblad and it’s incredible.  

The book you have most enjoyed reading?
Diane Keaton . Then Again.  A wonderful read and very moving and reflective on your own life and relationships. 

What qualifications do you need in your industry?
Thick skin, patience and honesty.

Best way to wind down?
A gig with mates

Happy place? 
The heath, just 5 minutes walking around and my mind is free and happy. 

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver? 
Tom Hiddleston

What should people look out for? 
My book that I am so proud of writing and also featuring a lot of my pictures if available now on Amazon here.