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TSF 38: Angelica Malin – Editor-in-Chief

Angelica Malin is the Editor-in-Chief at About Time Magazine.  A 24-year old entrepreneur with a serious passion for nut butters and discovering the London foodie scene.

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What lessons has your work life taught you?
That work isn’t all highs, and you need to accept the lows. Being able to take your failures alongside your successes is one of the most important things I’ve learnt. We’ve had features that have gone wild with success, and other that have just flopped, and learning how to accept and learn from that is important. But the main thing I’ve learnt, after it all, is that you just have to keep soldiering on – in the words of Caitilin Moran, you’re not having a breakdown, you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit. Never underestimate the power of taking a few minutes to reflect, to chill, to plan your next move. My work life has also, funnily enough, taught me the importance of my personal life. Being able to step away from home, cuddle up with my boyfriend, go see a movie, and learning how to switch off is one of the most challenging things of running your own business. My work life has given me some amazing opportunities in my personal life, but being able to separate the two is so important.

 Favourite book? 
Us by David Nicholls

 What qualifications do you need in your industry?
Nothing on paper. Dedication. Time. Effort.

Best beauty buys?
I love St Tropez for tanning face moisturiser (it gives you that holiday glow without any streaks) and I’m a total Benefit addict – I love their highlighters and sparkly eyeshadows. 

What’s your daily uniform?
Black everything. I normally go for a business smart look as it helps me focus and look more professional – I’m a big fan of the Kooples and Donna Ida – a Kooples plain white shirt and a black of black Donna Ida’s and you’re ready to face anything.

What are you most proud of?
I once wrote a feature on London’s best chilli cocktails, where I tried 25 chilli cocktails in a week. It almost ruined my digestive system but it was so worth it. Oh, and starting my own magazine, I guess. It’s quite cool that I get to wake up in the mornings and feel excited – work never feels like work for me, and I guess being a position of loving what you do so much that it never, ever feels like a job. It’s probably the best feeling in the world – building, nurturing, growing something that you truly love and believe in, and still being able to put it on your CV (if I had one).

What should someone expect to earn in your field?
It really depends. A freelance journalist can pay anywhere from 25k to 50k in a year, but bloggers can make around the 100k mark. It’s so hard to say.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?
Julia Roberts, because she’s so damn sassy. 

What’s your fail-safe impressive dinner menu?
’m useless at cooking. I haven’t had a meal at home in the last month (I blame my job). I make quite a nice sweet potato in the oven, but that’s not really cooking is it?

What are your ‘on duty’ and ‘off duty’ looks?
On duty is very much a shirt and smart blazer look, off duty I can be found in a leopard print onesie, lying on my sofa. On the weekends, I go for comfy cashmere jumpers and NIKE trainers because, you know, it’s the weekend.

 Best way to wind down?
oga and Masterchef. Not at the same time.

 Favourite city in the UK and why (excluding London)?
It’s not a city but I’m mad about the Cotswolds – it’s the most beautiful, untouched part of England. I love the tea shops and the quaint feel – I could spend every weekend rambling around, going for country walks, sitting by a fire and sipping red wine. Dreamy. 

Top tip for talking about pay at work?
This doesn’t really apply for me as I am my own boss, but I think generally head on is the best way to deal with everything. Women are often scared of talking about money because they don’t want to come across as aggressive and ‘unfeminine’ but it’s exactly those kind of stereotypes we need to smack down. It’s OK to be a sassy, ballsy woman, if that’s what you want. Let’s be fierce. 

Most embarrassing item in your wardrobe?
I have this orange and black striped hairy cardigan that my boyfriend calls my ‘pumpkin cardi’. It’s not a strong look, sure. 

Favourite drink discovery?
OH MY GOD – the Almond Sour at Balls & Co in Soho. It’s a take on an Amaretto Sour made with cherry, almond liqueur and almond nut butter – it’s the most delicious pudding cocktail you’ll ever try. Seriously.

 Home is?
St John’s Wood. North is best.

 Music Im listening to?
I love Sia so much it hurts.

 The book you most enjoyed reading?
love the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris – it really makes you think about work and how to get the balance back in your life.

 Who do you wake up to?
My alarm clock. Not very sexy is it? 

What would you delete from your CV?
Working as a TV presenter for a nightclub in Bristol for a year. I would interview drunk couples in the corner as they got off – I hardly think it was my finest hour.

 Most treasured trinket?
I have a silver ring of a Star of David on my right index finger that I haven’t taken off in four years. I look down and think of Jerusalem and that makes me happy. 

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
Rebecca Reid – she’s incredible. The next Carrie Bradshaw, you heard it hear first.

 What should people look out for? 
Our events section – we’ve got lots of great events planned for 2016 

Has anyone left you star struck?
I met Nigella on Soho Radio last week and she was so beautiful I failed to speak for 10 minutes. I can’t say I left a lasting impression.

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