TSF 34 : Charlotte Beecham

British based designer Charlotte Beecham founded the accessories label Charlotte Simone in 2011. Her passion for accessories sprung to life in Paris where she spent her freshman year of college. Her label is inspired by the effortless style of Parisian women.
If you could sit next to anyone on a plane who would it be and why?
Iris Apfel, shes been a hero of mine since the 90s. I love her unique style and sensibility.
Where in the world do you feel happiest and why?
Paris, I spent a year there whilst studying at college and it was probably the happies year of my life to date. The city is so beautiful, I never got bored and was constantly inspired.
What did you want to be growing up?
A writer

My alarm goes off and I….
Turn the snooze button on.
At work I’m responsible for….
It all! 
Tell us a secret about yourself?
Im a black belt in Karate.
If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you most like to be stranded with dead or alive?
My sausage dog Harold, he can do no wrong.
What do you like to do when you are not at work?
Long walks, long and tasty meals and quality time with Harold.
Has your job taken you anywhere exotic?
Tokyo was probably the most exciting place to date. The city inspired my AW15 Collection.
Top holiday hotspot?
Name three items you wouldn’t travel without?
A Popsicle to snuggle into, an ipad and a lipbalm.
Film that inspired you?
Breakfast at Tiffanys. It inspired me from an early age and still does.
Favourite artist?
Marina Abromovick.
What is your biggest weakness?
Harold ( my sausage dog ).
Do you like to be complimented?
Doesn’t everyone?
What book would you recommend to others?
Just read Tamara Mellon’s Autobiography, I was really moved by her tale and highly recommend the read. What a woman.
Which lesson has been the hardest to learn?
‘Sweet or Savoury?/ ‘Starter or Dessert?
All of the above.
What magazines or newspapers do you read?
Im a sucker for the Daily Mail in the morning. I also love Russh, Love, Elle and Vogue.
Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
What should people look out for?
Sass Caps coming to a store near you soon! ( I hope )