TSF 13: Laura Wright – Soprano

Laura Wright is the nations sporting soprano. 24 year old Laura Wright has been one of the biggest selling classical artists in the UK this decade having sold over 1 million albums.
laura wright.collageBest piece of advice you’ve received?
It’s more of a quote; “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you need is someone who’ll take the bus with you when the limo breaks down” Oprah. 

Favourite shops?
Lululemon and Reiss.

Best meal?
Roast Lamb, sweet potato and creamed spinach.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Hagen Dazs Salted Caramel…it’s insanely yummy.

Best weekend activity?
Paddleboarding with our dog on the Thames.

I achieved my current role through? 
Seeing how powerful music can be, and fussing together my two passions in life, sport and classical music. 

If you could capture and bottle a smell, what would it be and why?
The smell of my dog when he was a puppy.

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party (dead or alive)?
Billie Holiday, Jessica Ennis Hill, Coco Chanel and Rik Mayall.

What’s your favourite place in the world and why?
Christmas morning in my grandparents living room, I have so many special memories there and no matter where my singing takes me, thats where I feel my home is. 

What are your ‘on duty’ and ‘off duty’ looks?
‘Off duty’ – head to toe lululemon gym kit. ‘On duty’ – curly hair, a gown (I love Amanda Wakeley’s evening dresses), nude heels and some elegant earrings. I always try and wear a British designer when I’m performing. 

Best way to wind down?
Glass of Malbec watching True Detective.

Any cuisines you love or loathe?
I never can get used to Chinese cuisine when I’m performing in China. I love Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.

What’s in your handbag?
Usually a score of music that I’m learning, my headphones, iPad and make up bag. A packet of Vocal zones and normally some left over dog treats! 

Why does your job matter to you?
It gives me great pleasure to see people enjoy my music and share my gift with others. The great thing about classical music is that you can sing pieces that were written hundreds of years ago, we keep them alive by performing them. 

What’s your daily uniform?
Plimsoles, skinny jeans, t-shirt and my barbour jacket.

What’s your favourite waste of time?
Reading the Daily Mail gossip column. 

If you could change a work decision, what would it be and why?
I don’t believe in regretting things, however I would have loved to have been an adventurer! In another life maybe…

Essential store cupboard ingredients?
Coconut Oil, fresh ginger, lemon, honey and dark chocolate. 

What are you wearing today and what made you choose it?
I had the morning off, so I’m in my gym kit and then I wear loungewear while at home, I like
to be as comfortable as possible when I’m not on stage. 

What talent do you yearn for?
That’s a hard question, when i perform with an Orchestra I’m always amazed at their capacity to pick up pieces of music so quickyl. I would love to be able to play another
instrument like the violin or the trumpet. 

My typical day is?
I take my dog for a walk in the early morning before heading to the gym, then I’ll catch up on emails and do some singing practice before heading to a gig or concert in the evening. Every
work day is totally different so I try to keep a sense of routine in my personal life.

If you had a 25th hour each day, what would you do?
I would write more…more lyrics and more music.

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
Serena Williams. 

What should people look out for?
I’ll be performing again this year for the NFL at Wembley stadium. I am taking part in the Rugby World Cup tournament and my website for updates.