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TSF 11: Cecelia Ahern – Author

Cecelia Ahern is an internationally bestselling author. Her debut novel, PS I Love You, was adapted into a major movie. Her subsequent novels have captured the hearts of readers in 46 countries, with over 22 million copies of her books sold. She has topped the bestseller lists and won awards worldwide.Cecilia Grid_Fotor

If you could sit next to anyone on a plane who would it be and why?
Somebody who doesn’t talk, but who will help me with my lifejacket if I need it. 

Where in the world do you feel happiest and why?
I feel happiest at home in my house in Dublin, with my children and husband. I’m a homebird and just love my little gang. Everything is for them and about them.

What did you want to be growing up?
The third wheel to Cagney and Lacey.

My alarm goes off and I….
Haven’t needed an alarm since I had children. They either wake me up or I wake up moments before them as if sensing them…

 At work I’m responsible for….
Writing a novel each year. I also create and develop television shows and am involved in the film development of my books.

Tell us a secret about yourself?
I suck my thumb.

 If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you most like to be stranded with dead or alive?
My husband. Alive preferably.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?
I’m a bit obsessed with my adult colouring books. They’re very relaxing.

Has your job taken you anywhere exotic?
It takes me all over the world, from Romania, to Australia. One of my favourite places is Iceland.

Top holiday hotspot?
Co. Kerry in Ireland. It’s my favourite place in the world. Surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, lakes, sea views, it is the only place that I can recharge my batteries.

Name three items you wouldn’t travel without?
My Smythson diaryMy phone. A book.

Film that inspired you?
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my all time favourites.

Favourite artist?
Orla de Bri is a sculptor, whose work really inspires me.

What is your biggest weakness?
Potatoes. I can’t walk by one without taking a chunk out of it.

Do you like to be complimented?
In the moment that it’s happening I don’t, but it does help in the long run.

What book would you recommend to others?
The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is one of my favourites.

Which lesson has been the hardest to learn?
That people can let you down.

Do you have a high pain threshold?

‘Sweet or Savoury?/ ‘Starter or Dessert?

What is your greatest fear?
Abduction and invasion.

What magazines or newspapers do you read?
Standard Issue and Gentlewoman.

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
Beyonce. She’s my hero.

What should people look out for? 
My twelfth novel, The Marble Collector is published in November.