TSF 1: Rebecca Jackson – Racing driver

Rebecca Jackson is a racing driver, TV presenter, motoring  journalist and business woman.

rj collage 

If I didn’t do what I do now I would love to
I actually cannot finish this sentence. I am literally living the dream and would not want to do anything else! 

What’s your favourite waste of time?
Sitting in the sunshine.

 If you could change a work decision, what would it be and why?
I don’t regret anything, how can you move forward otherwise? It doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes though, you just need to make sure you learn a lesson from each of them! 

What is your guilty pleasure?
I’m a sucker for a Belgian bun and have to look the other way when I walk past any.

Best weekend activity?
Jam packed and varied! Countryside escape, clay pigeon shooting, spa, dinner and wine sounds fun! Maybe some cycling or walking in there too. Some time to relax as well though, but I’m not brilliant at relaxing for a whole day.

What are your staple wardrobe brands?
Belstaff, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, LK Bennet and Zara. 

What’s the biggest challenge your industry faces?

Next place you want to visit?
Ibiza. I love the classy side of the island and it’s a great place to enjoy some funky tunes and time with friends. I also really want to visit Thailand. I love yoga so a relaxing yoga holiday at the end of the motorsport season would be good.

Who inspires you and why?
My mum. She’s the most positive and wonderful person I know and always has time for me. 

 What are your top tips to get the most from your morning/day?
Write a list before you go to bed so you know what you are doing as soon as you wake up. I start my day with warm water, fresh mint leaves and lemon juice followed by 30 minutes of cardio. After which I always have a healthy, low sugar breakfast. Post rehydrating I drink a good coffee to kick-start the brain activity to tackle that list. 

Sheryl Sandberg’s one piece of advice is “Lean In” – if you had one piece of advice to give another woman in her career, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid of compliments, both giving them and receiving. It does wonders for everyone’s well-being. 

Who sends you to sleep?
Noone but there’s a playlist on Spotify called “sleep” that send me into a very sleepy state.

Recently discovered restaurant?
Le Château de Beaulieu in France. Very typically French in décor and style serving absolutely delicious food with a private dining room. I went there with Exclusive GP who pick amazing venues. I am the Motoring Editor for the Nth Degree private dining guide so am a massive fan of exquisite food! I just have to be careful with my racing driver diet what I choose. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I kept changing my mind. I wanted to be a vet, and then I wanted to join the army. I always wanted to be successful though. 

If you could meet anyone dead or alive – who would it be and what question would you ask?
Ayrton Senna, I would ask him to tell me when he was his happiest. 

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party (dead or alive)?
Richard Branson and not just because he is a successful businessman, he also seems to be incredibly smiley with strong family values. I would love to listen and have a whole evening of conversation with him. 

What’s your cheapest and simplest beauty tip? 
Sleep! Of course I am an ambassador for F.O.Y skincare and the products really are fantastic so I cannot recommend them enough. I believe a complete beauty routine should be about looking after the inside as well as the skin that covers you, and the family run company agree with me on that, which is great. 

What’s a new skill or hobby you would like to take up and why?
I really would like to learn Aerial Yoga. It looks like lots of fun and combines my interest in dance with Yoga and off the ground, suspended, which should be a different and new challenge. 

What are you wearing today and what made you choose it?
A pale cream coloured loose fitting dress, which sits below the knee. It’s a lovely warm day today and I like to make the most of this weather, as you never know how long we will have it for. 

If you could introduce a new subject/course to the national curriculum, what would it be and why? Presentation skills. I think it’s important for people to feel as confident as they can and be able to deliver their points across in a confident manner. Whether it’s for business, pitching, arguments or anything. I just feel this would add benefit to all the existing subjects that students currently study. 

Has anyone left you star struck?
I recently interview Sir Jackie Stewart, who is an absolute racing legend. I was interviewing him for Goodwood Festival of Speed – the live big screen – so I could not show how star struck I was but it’s wonderful to be in the presence of racing greats. 

Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver?
Sheridan Smith. I’ve watched her grow from her role in Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps into such a brilliant actress both on stage and in her role as the legendry late Cilla Black. She also comes across so well in chat shows so she gets my vote. 

What should people look out for?
Project Le Mans is my biggest venture at the moment. I launched Project Le Mans in 2013, which is my 4-year plan to competing at Le Mans. I’ve also been in talks with two production companies about a potential new TV show so watch this space! If that wasn’t enough, I have recently launched my new modified Land Rover Defender range called “RJ Bespoke”. You can probably tell why I find it difficult to relax for a whole day now! Find out more from Rebecca here.