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TSF 2: Siobhan Freegard – Founder, Channel Mum

Siobhan Freegard is an entrepreneur who founded Netmums in 2000, which grew to become the biggest parenting website in the UK. She is now focused on her next challenge having launched Channel Mum.
It’s the UK’s first YouTube community just for mums.  Every day they publish a brand new video from their lovely family of Channel Mum vloggers. Forget what the parenting text books tell you – find out the truth as they reveal the honest face of parenting.

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If you had a 25th hour each day, what would you do?
Save them up and have a night out till dawn and a day in bed the next day.

What is your ultimate night in – or out?
A outdoor summer rock/indie gig.

What’s in your handbag?
It looks like the floor of a very messy car, random bits of makeup, paper, receipts, coins, chewing gum, an old packet of cigarettes for emergencies.

Why does your job matter to you?
It make me feel relevant – like I’m on the inside where it’s happening not outside looking in.

When you have a daily work slump, how do you snap out of it – tips?
I give myself a single job to start and finish. Usually the high of finishing it gives me a boost, or the shame of being so unable to finish it, motivates me to just get it done. Not to fail at a simple single task!

If I didn’t do what I do… I would love to be a…
Music Journalist.

How did you achieve your current role?
I had to let go of Netmums which was my ‘baby’. Starting something new (Channel Mum) is both scary and exciting but I feel really alive.

Who is your career inspiration?
 Anita Roddick from the Body Shop. She built a business from a £5000 loan into a company worth over £600 million based on the deepest from of ethical principles which changed the world in terms of animal testing on cosmetics and sustainable trade in the third world. She left a social legacy to the world even bigger than the value of her company. That to me is true success.

Favourite shops?
All Saints, Berry Brothers and Rudd.

Wish list of trip destinations?
Weirdly I’ve never had any desire to travel beyond London…It still feels like the centre of the Universe and there is always something new to discover.

What lessons has your work life taught you?
It’s better to do something than keep talking about it. Sometimes you have to ‘Just Do It’.

Music I’m listening to?
Jamie T this week for some reason.

What are you wearing today and what made you choose it?
I’m in my running gear as I’m working from home and waiting for the inspiration to sprint out the door, which is probably why I’m filling in this questionnaire.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive – who would it be and what question would you ask? 
Judas Iscariot. I feel so flawed sometimes when I know I’ve made selfish decisions. Even though he was one of Jesus’ close friends he betrayed him for money…when he met Jesus after they were both dead, what conversation did they have?

Make up your ultimate ‘super band’…
David Bowie, Pete Doherty, Damon Albarn. They don’t have to do anything, just sit and look gorgeous.

Top tip for talking about pay at work?
People take you at your own evaluation of yourself.

When you look back at what you have achieved what makes you most proud?
It doesn’t matter what I do in life, on my death bed all I will really feel I have achieved that matters is my children.

Has anyone left you star struck?
I recently met Adam Crozier, CEO of ITV (ex CEO or Royal Mail and FA). He is such an amazingly brave and successful businessman but he is so softly spoken and gentle. I was pathetically unable to take my own advice about people taking you at your own evaluation of yourself.

What would you delete from your CV?
I’d like to add some academic qualifications rather than delete anything. I am mostly uneducated!

What should people look out for?
Make sure to subscribe to Channel Mum on Youtube – the honest face of parenting.