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TSF 21: Goldierocks (Sam Hall) – International DJ, Broadcaster & Journalist

Goldierocks, AKA Sam Hall, is an international DJ, broadcaster and journalist. Her weekly global radio show ‘The Selector’ goes out to a staggering 44 countries with over 4.3million dedicated listeners. She regularly travels all over the world DJ’ing, promoting her radio show and workshopping with youth forums in each country she visits.

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What lessons has your work life taught you?
 Be kind, be authentic, be patient, be mindful and just have as much fun as you possibly can.

Favourite book?
 ‘The Prophet’ by the Lebanese prophet Khalil Gibran-  it’s a classic. The poetry never fails to speak to me. No matter where I am in the world, how my energy levels are, it always uplifts and inspires.

What qualifications do you need in your industry?
Well personally, I went to university (BA Theatre, Goldsmiths College) where I really found my voice creatively. But I’d been doing work experience, internships and unpaid positions since I was 16 so I think a mix of academic and vocational training works very well. Each individual has to pick the path that’s right for them.

 Best beauty buys?
Crème De La Mer facial wash. No matter how jet lagged, dull or or un-sunkissed your skin is, this will brighten, clarify and make you glow at a third of the price of the rest of the de la mer range. Lucas Pawpaw ointment is available in every regular drug store in Australia for a mere few dollars. It’s a general all purpose balm for dry lips, insect bites, cuts, gravel rash and is just magic.. A total God send. XXX make up remover, again it’s cheap as chips in most pharmacies in Paris and is a must have in make up artists bags during fashion week.

 What’s your daily uniform?
In summer, a cotton embroidered 70s style dress and Havana flip flops. I love the Stevie Nicks LA boho kind of look. Tanned skin and lots of middle eastern and vintage Indian jewellery. I like to really layer it up and if you have gorgeous, unique accessories then your base can be quite classic and pretty. In winter biker boots, a worn leather jacket and a floaty blouse with wet look leggings, I wear a lot of black in the colder months, and layer it up with heavy knit snoods and statement oversized cocktail rings.

 What are you most proud of?
My relationships, my passionate spirit and my creative work vision.

What should someone expect to earn in your field? 
Like any career I think it depends how successful you are. DJs can make nothing to £50 a night to £5 million! Radio broadcasters will vary depending on station, country, style of show (ie. Specialist or daytime). It can be a very challenging or very rewarding way of making a living like a lot of jobs in the creative world.

Make up your ultimate ‘super band’…
Lenny ‘penisgate’ Kravitz on guitar *swoon*, such a rock God have always adored him. Dolly Parton on lead vocals, as I secretly believe in another life I genuinely could’ve been a country and western super star (think of the rhinestones!). Damian Junior Gong Marley as the MC with his whole rastafari flag waving squad (best gig I’ve ever been to was him performing at Sumfest in Jamaica). Then my friend Faye from Savages on drums- cos she’s a total bad ass and female drummers rule.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why? 
Helen Mirren cos she’s a boss! Charming, quirky and a right giggle.. if I looked half as good as her in my later years then I’ll be delighted.

 What’s your fail-safe impressive dinner menu?
Nothing makes me happier than hosting a huge giggly, wine fuelled dinner party at my home in Crouch End, North London. Ideally outside in my garden with fairylights and Moroccan lanterns. I love big Meditarean platters and meze- halloumi, babaganoush, tzaki, Italian breads, Spanish cured meats, oils and olives. Simple but delicious, great quality food, that you can all share together. And then something like an apricot and lamb tajine or a leg of lamb marinated in chickpeas and yoghurt baked on the BBQ. I mean a great key lime pie for afters too, although as a rule I try to watch sugar.

What are your ‘on duty’ and ‘off duty’ looks?
On: always a good retro style frock (get your legs out while you can), I love to try and dress up like rock stars’ wives of the 70s.. a bit of glamour, think Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall. Add some killer heels and some heavy jangly earrings and if I’m in a festival field often oodles of glitter. Off: an oversized lumberjack shirt, a drop of ylang ylang oil on my wrists and pretty much nothing else.

 Best way to wind down?
Everyone needs your own sanctuary- a place to escape to, feel safe, be calm and content. I love my home, it’s full of exotic knick knacks and souvenirs I’ve picked on my travels around the world- an oar from a tribe in the Amazon rainforest, an antique wooden carved Hindu cow head from Kerala, South India. I love to light loads of candles (so it feels almost like a shrine) and meditate. Living in London and working with music all the time, peace and tranquillity is cherished. 

Favourite city in the UK and why (excluding London)?
I love the tiny village of Abersoch in northern Wales. It’s incredibly beautiful. Gorgeous unspoilt coast line, sandy beaches, rocky hills and raw nature. I go up there ever year to DJ a surf festival called Glass Butter Beach but happily visit in the winter too. It’s just so wild and rural. You can really let your imagination run free there. 

Top tip for talking about pay at work
 Be sure of yourself, know your worth and be firm but realistic.

 Most embarrassing item in your wardrobe?
If by embarrassing you mean amazing.. but outlandish. Then I’d say my vast selection of festival headware.. feather plumes, top hats, bowler hat, captains hats, tiger masks.. if you can imagine it, I’ve got it. 

Favourite drink discovery? 
Hemmingway Daiquris from Floriditas Bar in Havana, Cuba. I like zesty limey cocktails and I’m a total rum snob.

 Home is…?
Crouch End, North London.. by way of the Home Counties.

Music I’m listening to?
How long you got? Listen to my weekly globally syndicated radio show The Selector to hear my brand new faves every week! It’s completely cross genres and all new sounds. It particular I love what Kwabs is doing right now, as well as KDA, Royce Wood Junior’s debut album is on repeat and my house & can’t get Julio Bashmore’s new tune out of my head.

The book you most enjoyed reading? 
Wind in the Willows.. I always thought Toad & I would get on rather well.

 What do you wake up to?
My boyfriends face.

What would you delete from your CV?
Pizza waitress aged 18.. I didn’t turn up for my 3rd shift and ran off with a rock band to sell their T-shirts on tour instead.

Most treasured trinket? 
A tiny bottle of dust from the Temple at Burning Man, Nevada Desert. That place enhanced my world. Most intense experience of my life.

 Who should feature next as a Three Six Fiver? 
Lottie front woman of electro band Haelos. Her style is next level and the band are phenomenal. We met on tour while in China and ran off to get our nails all Asian ghetto bling. She’s a lot of fun.

 What should people look out for? 
@Goldierocks on Twitter, DJGoldierocks on Instagram